The stepped approach is created as a means to tailor different treatment modalities to eczema patients of different severity.

Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four Color Codes
  • Eczema severity
  • Treatment modality and information


  1. Very serious eczema – Pay attention to those with infections
  • Group IV steroid cream or ointment
  • NOT indicated in children!
  • Seek medical attention!
  1. Exudating sores and scabs – Infected and painful
  • Group III steroid, cream or ointment
  • Antibacterial treatment
    • Bath treatment
    • Wet Burows dressing
    • Topical antibiotics
    • Phototherapy (UVB/PUVA)
  • → see image of eczema
  • Consider combination cream or ointment with topical steroids and topical antibiotics
  1. Angry flare with red eczema spots, bumps and intense itching
  1. Red eczema spots with itching
  1. Dry skin