There are three different bathing treatments.

    1. Potassium Permanganate Bath (“KP bath”)

    Potassium Permanganate (KP) has several effects:

    • 1. Anti-inflammatory (inflammation causes eczema and itching)
    • 2. Antimicrobial (prevents bacterial growth in wounds)
    • 3. dries out weeping eczema 4. antipruritic.

    Normally, it is not advisable to use daily longer than 5-7 days consecutively because the skin can become easily dehydrated.

    Add about 150ml of 3% KP (purple solution) in the bath with slightly warm water, giving the red juice appearance. It is advisable to cover nails with Vaseline or varnish nails with clear nail polish in advance, to avoid temporary discoloration.

    Bath once daily for about 10 minutes for infant and 20 minutes for older children or adults. Do not use soap. Dry the skin gently (do not rub the skin because it stimulates more itching).

    KP can also be used for wet wrapping using the same dilution. Mix 5-15 ml KP into 1 liter of water. Washed linen or cotton cloths can be washed in the bath water and put on eczematous skin for 10-15 min at a time. Do not use gauze or any other rough fabric on infected eczema. If it stings, use half the strength. Dressings can be used 1-2 times a day. Gently dry the skin followed by moisturising with emollients.


    2. Sodium hypochlorite bath (“Bleach bath”)

    (To be updated.)


    3. Oil bath

    Oil bath can be used for both prevention and treatment of eczema. Oil dispersible in bathwater forms a thin grease film on the skin surface. This increases the skin’s moisture-retaining ability and improves elasticity of the skin’s outermost layer. However, this is only a supplement to moisturizers but cannot replace it. Non-perfumed oils are recommended.

    Bathrooms: Place 30 ml oil into a normal bathtub. Add 1ml to 1 liter of water for foot baths. Bath in about 15-20 min. Do not use soap. Gently pat dry since rubbing would stimulate more itching.

    Shower: Appr. 20-30 ml of oil is distributed on the body, especially where the skin is dry. Rinse off.

    Use less oil if it feels sticky.

    :. How to make KP bath

    Child in the bathtub

    Fill water in the bathtub and place the child in it. It is advisable to apply petroleum jelly or nail polish in advance on his/her nails to prevent nail discoloration.

    Measure up in the cork

    Add one cork of KP from the bottle and repeat until the water turns light red. Remember to wear gloves before handling these chemicals. Any spills on the tile / grout and clothing may cause permanent staining.

    Children in the KP bath

    Suggested bathing time is 5 min for babies and up to 15 minutes for older children. To prevent discoloration of the bathtub, it is recommended to drain off the water immediately after the bath, followed immediately by thorough cleansing of the tub.

    Dry the skin gently. KP need not to be showered off. Apply the eczematous area with cortisone cream. After about 10 minutes, lubricate entire body with copious amount of moisturizer.